Ketamine Infusion Therapy, the latest breakthrough in the treatment of depression and chronic pain, is prone to all kinds of myths, assumptions, and medical inaccuracies . “Fact or Fiction?” is a podcast series that tackles these common topics, questions, and misconceptions head-on.

Our experienced team of physicians, nurse practitioners, and research staff break down each topic in short, to-the-point podcasts, which you may listen to on your own time by subscribing to Ketamine Wellness Centers on iTunes or tune in right away by streaming below. 

Episode 01: Ketamine causes Serotonin Syndrome

Serotonin syndrome occurs when one takes medications that cause high levels of the chemical serotonin to build up in one’s body. What is Ketamine’s effect on Serotonin and does this syndrome take hold with ketamine infusion?

Episode 02: Ketamine is a horse tranquilizer

Ketamine has a number of uses in medical, surgical, dental, and veterinary practice. So, is Ketamine used to sedate horses? And why is this such a common reference when people talk about Ketamine?

Episode 03: There is a Harmful Interaction Between Ketamine & Antidepressants

A common question we get here at KWC is whether there is a harmful interaction that may occur between the Ketamine and antidepressant medications. In other words, will the Ketamine be less effective? And are there harmful side effects to take into consideration for someone who is currently utilizing antidepressants?


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