New Study Details the Connection Between Ketamine and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

New Study Details the Connection Between Ketamine and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy A small study out of Yale School of Medicine, combined Ketamine treatments and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. They discovered a connection between CBT and relief of treatment-resistant depression. Dr. Wilkinson states “CBT may provide an effective treatment strategy to sustain ketamine’s antidepressant effects.” The principles…

Podcast: How Facilitated Treatment Supports Ketamine Therapy

How Facilitated Treatment Supports Ketamine Therapy In this latest podcast episode, we interview Harmony Green a Health and Wellness Coordinator at Ketamine Wellness Centers to discover the benefits of Facilitated Treatment Support in conjunction with Ketamine Infusion Therapy. This episode discusses the benefits of the Facilitated Treatment Support program and covers topics such as the…

pre treament checklist ketamine infusion

Download this handy KWC pre-treatment checklist

You know that laundry list of things that you need to remember before going in for your ketamine infusion appointments? These would be considerations like fasting from food, medication cessation, driving, etc? It can be difficult to remember them all – we totally get that. We have condensed all of that information down for you in a handy downloadable postcard.

We got the #66 spot on 2019’s Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America!

For the third year in a row, Ketamine Wellness Centers has improved our ranking in Entrepreneur 360’s Best Entrepreneur companies in America. In our first year, we ranked 329. Last year we ranked 228. This year we exceeded our goal by ranking 66! The ranking is based on over 50 data points broken into five pillars; revenue and customers, management efficiency, innovation, financial evaluation, and business valuation.

Podcast: A Closer Look at Spravato (Esketamine) – Does Spravato require patients to be prescribed an antidepressant? 

A closer look at Spravato/Esketamine. This episode focuses on the definition of Treatment Resistant Depression and looks at whether patients must be prescribed to an antidepressant while using Spravato. Additionally, what does one do about co-occurring conditions such as anxiety, suicidal ideation, ocd, etc? 

Podcast: A Closer Look at Spravato (Esketamine) – What do we know about the prescribed dosing?

One thing that raised the eyebrows of everybody on the clinical team here at KWC relates to the recommended dosing of Spravato. On this episode, we discuss what the recommended dosing is during the stabilization and maintenance treatment phases. Is the dosing variable from patient to patient or fixed? What are the implications of utilizing a non-variable prescription for dosing?