CEO Update – August 2020

CEO Update – August 2020 One of Ketamine Wellness Center’s core values is “innovation.” I have always wanted the wellness portion of our company’s programs to be more robust and inclusive. Through work with Dr. Ellen Diamond and Harmony, our Health and Wellness Coordinator, we have developed programs such as Facilitated Treatment Support, Power of…

CEO Update – July 2020

CEO Update – July 2020 I am pleased to announce Ketamine Wellness Centers is actively negotiating insurance contracts with third-party payers in all six states where we have treatment facilities. We are focusing on the major insurance carriers in each market to increase the ability to provide treatment to more patients suffering from chronic pain…

February CEO Update

February 2016 CEO Update

As anticipated, 2016 is off to a tremendous start. Our patient infusion needs have almost tripled from 8 months ago. Recent changes at a local pain hospital who no longer provide ketamine treatments has helped increase the volume of chronic pain patients. In preparation to care for this additional patient volume we are actively recruiting and training clinical and support staff to be ready to meet our growing needs.